Peers Team

 Active Members



Rashied Vrede - President


Rashied Vrede is a young ambitious professional and is the current president of Peers. In 2010 he moved to Suriname from Amsterdam to further his career here in  Suriname. He currently works for Staatsolie in the business development division which is responsible for the expansion of the existing business and development of new business at Staatsolie.. In his free time Rashied enjoys socializing and meeting new people, playing various sports and feeding the brain with films and good literature.





Raoul Tjon Jaw Chong - Treasurer


Raoul Tjon Jaw Chong is of mixed descent. He was born in Suriname and at a young age moved to the Netherlands. Besides having lived in the netherlands and Suirname Raoul has also lived in various countries such as the UK and Spain. Raoul has explored five continents and more than two dozen countries taking in the different cultures, cuisines and meeting plethora of new people.  Professionally he works in business development at Kersten Holding and in his spare time he loves sports, fine cuisine and is an avid traveler. 


Peers Support

Team Assistants provide support to the Peers team both internal and external, supporting figures assist with anything from logistics to liaising with various companies. Without them Peers would not be what it is today as they have played a major role in our growth.


Mariam May (Charity Support)

Genevieve Sumter (Sponsorship Support) 

Max Resomardono (General Support)

Sowdagar Roopchand (Design & Photography) 

Dharm Dew (Photography)


Peers Alumni

The peers family has evolved over the years. We'd like to thank the members that have left us to pursue their careers further for their contributions toward peers and we wish the Peers Alumni good luck in their future ventures. They will forever remain a part of peers.


Kelvin Isselt 

Robert Rodger

Robbin Mangnoesing

Jeet Moenesar